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Welcome to Kawaii Fitness


As I have mentioned in the past, Thinspirational Journey will be undergoing some MAJOR changes. Now Thinspirational Journey is Kawaii Fitness!

we are no longer http://www.thinspirationaljourney.wordpress.com but we now have a home to call our own at www.kawaiifitness.com

Why change?

Well it’s because I have been running into a lot of problems with my old blog name with the word “thinspo” in it. As we all know. Thinspo is not well received in the community because of the mindset that is really glorifies eating disorders and unhealthy lifestyle habits. I agree with that but I still kept Thinspirational Journey for a LONG time.

But when facebook shut me down I took it as a sign that things need to change.

Yes ,I did lose a lot of my followings. NEARLY HALF! from 6k we’re down to 3k but that’s okay (hey that rhymed)

Anyway this change is for the better of everyone. I have always wanted to combine fitness with the other aspects of my life which is basically summed up by the term Kawaii,

You see I like to cosplay, I like to make food (bento) I like to make little arts and crafts and I think fitness should be fun and admittedly cute and quirky. So this is what Im am going to attempt with Kawaii fitness. I want to bring fun and cut into the world of weightlifting, boxing, muaithai and other gym training so that we can inspire more people (girls to be exact) to go to the gym and not see it as an intimidating place.

Kawaii Fitness welcome page

With that. I want to welcome you all to KAWAII FITNESS!

Lara Novales

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Thinspirational Journey’s Farewell… Soon

Hello everyone.

I just wanted to share with you some issues i am facing with this blog.

#1. Facebook deleted the Thinspirational Journey fan page because Facebook thought, or someone reported that my site promotes eating disorders. Which is not true, if you are a reader of my blog.

#2. I am unable to access my wordpress site through normal means for some odd reason. Everyone else can access it but me. The only way I am able to post this update right now is by going through a VPN program. Which is very much tedious and a big hassle.

#3. I keep getting a lot of hate mail because of my website name. THINSPIRATIONAL JOURNEY, Just because there is the term “THINSPO” in it doesn’t mean I am glorifying starvation or promoting self harm through eating disorders and such.

Let me tell you a brief history about this blog.

Yes, I started out as an eating disordered blog. When I decided to lose weight I had no knowledge, no idea on how i was supposed to be done so i ran to the internet and searched for ways to lose weight and of course there was a plethora of Thinspo sites which were very appealing. Thigh gaps, flat tummies, prominent hip and collar bones. It was media’s ideal of beauty, and being the young adult I was who didn’t know better I was easily influenced and motivated and even inspired by it all. There was no one there to guide me since I was basically all alone and depressed during those “darker” times.

I started a blog and decided to record everything just for myself.

As time passed by I did develop an eating disorder which I DENIED to those who told me I had. Though I was losing weight I was unhappy and my life was a roller coaster. I starved myself, and when I did eat food I would vomit it all out because i’d feel bad about myself. Then it developed into a Starve- binge-puke cycle which was really bad.

I logged everything on to my blog, I would post photos and such and then I would take some tips and share articles that I found useful.

As time flew by, I was little by little introduced to a healthier lifestyle. At first girls with muscles scared the shit out of me because it didn’t fit my twisted ideals of skinny and dainty. But my views changed little by little. My eyes started to open up to my destructive ways until I found a certain Pilates instructor online who was such a positive motivation to me.

Her name is Cassey Ho from Blogilates. I admired her quirky and fun attitude towards fitness. It dawned on me that there is a much better and a happier lifestyle than starving and binging- and throwing up (lather-rinse-repeat).

So I changed my life around. I started to eat healthier and even became vegetarian. I started exercising more than 3 times a week and then one day I saw her post about joining a bikini competition and I was so amazed by her story of dedication and commitment so that was the time I decided I wanted to train insane. Lift heavy. and all that.

So right now I am training for a bikini competition for next year. (better start early).


  • I promote eating 6 small healthy meals a day with balance portions.
  • I promote exercising at least 30-60minutes a day
  • I try to come up with easy challenges that my readers can do every month (though I can’t do this regularly because I also have other things to do but I try really hard)
  • My lines are always open to talk to those girls who are suffering through E.D.s and want to make a change in their life just like I did.
  • I promote healthy and happy living.

But why keep the blog THINSPIRATIONAL JOURNEY?

Think about it. Girls who are looking for “THINSPO” will stumble to my site and see that there is a life beyond disordered eating. There is a happier and healthier lifestyle. So i like to think and put out to the world that my blog is more like a wolf in sheep’s clothing (in a good way) I am a healthy blog disguised as a Thinspo blog so that I can and am able to reach out to those who might be searching for the wrong things online.  At least when they land on my “THINSPIRATIONAL” site, they can see a more positive image and none of those THINSPO stuff that can ultimately destroy their lives.

So I think my readers can be the judge and the witnesses to what my blog is really about.


That being said.

I will now be shutting down Thinspirational Journey and moving it to a new home under a new name giving it a slightly new beginning.

But until the time that Thinspirational JOurney moves on I just wanted to thank all my readers and followers for being there and supporting me.

I hope you will support the new name I will have this blog under.

Lara Novales

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Fitness Models to Inspire Us

 Fitspo inversted sit up from a monkey bar

Fitness model, Fitspo

Tan Fitspo with perky boobs

Fitspo Boxing

Lean and toned legs

Lean model fitspo model


Fitness model


There are some days when I like to look at photos of fit girls to encourage me that that is where I want to be and that is what I am trying to achieve. So those are some of the Photos I looked at today. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did.

Lara Krystle Novales

Was it a Binge??

I don’t know if I can call this a binge but basically i over ate today. Let me tell you why and how.


It was the graduation program of my students and it was such a head ache of a program I don’t even want to go into the details of it. But basically it left all of us exhausted and tired and HUNGRY. Some of the parents got together and treated all the teachers out to this fancy Chinese HOITY-TOITY restaurant.

Some of my students and me

The food was great. And of course, it was impolite to not eat a lot. Because you know the cutoms of Chinese/Asians in general. Eat the food served to you to show gratitude. The more you eat the happier they are and the more they serve you so you can eat more so you can make them more happy! (get the picture?) So yeah.The thing is, food was not the only issue here… ALCOHOL. Chinese love to give toasts and thank you or whoever about the litlest things. And yes you are obliged to finish whatever liquor you have in your glass.  There were quite a numberof parents there so that was a LOT of toasts. And yes I got DRUNK! during LUNCH! on RED WINE! ugh. I had to go to the bathroom twice on separate times during lunch just to throw up to make more space in my stomachfor the rest of the wine and food. It was not a great feeling at all.

Me and some of my co-teachers

Me and some of my co-teachers

And because I got drunk during lunch my stomach felt like there was a black hole that I had to fill with something heavy and meaty and sinful. So for dinner I had Lasagna… :(

I just hate myself right now for eating so much today but my stomach still feels empty because of the alcohol.

So was what I did a binge?



Lara Krystle “Lane” Novales


Reverse Thinspo: What We Would Be if We Let Go

It has been a while since I posted a reverse thinspo entry.
I think we all know how beautiful we can really be if we lost the ugly fat that we have. But more often than not we forget what we can become or what we would look like if we let ourselves succumb to overeating and eating unhealthy junk.

I don’t mean any offense to the people who owns or who are in these photos. I’m just using these as a reminder to those people what would happen if they let go of themselves.

Still want that burger?