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The BEST Weight Loss Program

Its been a while since I posted something like this and I think it would do you well to read this post. If you want to Lose Weight this is the program you can do.

But first read this testimonial from someone who lost over 31KG in record time.

I called the in and ordered their 5 day – 5kg weight loss program.

The next day, there’s a knock on my door and standing before me, a voluptuous, athletic, 19 year old babe dressed in nothing but a pair of Nikerunning shoes and a sign around her neck.

The sign read, ‘If you can catch me, you can have me.’ 
Without a second thought, I took off after her.
A few miles later huffing and puffing, I finally gave up.
The same girl shows up the next four days and the same thing happens.
On the fifth day, I weighed myself and is delighted to find I have lost 5kgs as promised.

So I called in once more and ordered their 5day – 10kg program.

The next day there’s a knock at the door and standing before me is the most stunning, beautiful, sexy woman he has ever seen in his life.
She is wearing nothing but Reebok running shoes and a sign around her neck that reads, ‘If you catch me, you can have me’.
Well, I was out the door after her like a shot.
This girl is in excellent shape and despite my best efforts, but no such luck.
So for the next four days, the same routine happens with me gradually getting in better and better shape.
Much to my delight on the fifth day when I weighed himself, I discovered that I have lost another 10kgs, as promised.

So deciding to go for broke I go ahead and called the company to order their 7 day – 25kg program.

‘Are you sure?’ asks the representative on the phone.. ‘This is our most rigorous program.’

Absolutely,’ I replied, ‘I haven’t felt this good in years.’

The next day there’s a knock at the door and when he opens it he finds
A huge muscular guy standing there wearing nothing but pink running shoes and a sign around his neck that reads,

‘If I catch you, you’re mine.’

He lost 31kgs that week…

Best weight loss program

Okay okay. Don’t get mad at me. I know this is just a gag but its nice to have a laugh every now and then right? Then again I think this kind of strategy to get lazy men off the couch might actually work.

If you were to design an absolutely ridiculous weight loss/ fitness regime what would it be? Share your ideas below. Can anyone beat this BEST Weight Loss Program?

Lara Krystle Novales

Making a 30 Day Pilates (Blogilates) Challenge

Hey Everyone!

okay Im going straight to the point! I have been so out of shape (kinda) recently. I said I gained 1.5 lbs. but it turns out I gained much more than that. try 3 lbs. :( WAAAAAHHHH. its my fault and I take responsibility and I can’t blame it on any other thing. I got lazy and I was not working out like I used to (despite me saying all the time that i need to get my butt off the ground and do something.
 So I have decided to make a new 30 Day Challenge!

But Im not quite sure which one to focus on. I mean I already am on a vegetarian diet, and I don’t eat junk food or fast food. So my challenges no longer apply to me.

So I think Im going to make a 30 Day Pilates Challenge! ! !  So here is a basic draft of it. Once I finalize it tonight I will post it under the FUN+   ->   CHALLENGES+ tab/menu t the top menu bar of the site.


  1. . Do you know BLOGILATES? if yes which workout video is your favourite? if no go visit her site at
  2.  . Post your Stats (height, weight, waist) and  a photo (for before and after)
  3. . When did you start attempting to lose weight and why?
  4. . what is your Ultimate Goal Weight?
  5. . Would you prefer to be model waifish skinny? or to be like Victoria Secret models who are fit? why?
  6. . Pelvic bones or abs? why?
  7. . How did you learn about Pilates?
  8. . What is your favourite Pilates move?
  9. . What is the easiest move in Pilates for you?
  10. . Which Pilates move do you think is hardest for you?
  11. . Which Pilates move would like to be able to do in the future?
  12. . Do you do yoga?
  13. . How long can you hold your planks?
  14. . What is your favourite Pilates move that targest the waist line?
  15. . Which part of your body do you think is the strongest and does not need SO much work to improve on?
  16. . Which part of your body do you think is the weakest and that you need to really train and focus on?
  17. . Do you like her videos?
  18. . Which is your favourite Blogilates POP PILATES move?
  19. . Have you tried any of her H.I.T.T. workouts? Which one is your favourite? Why?
  20. . Have you tried her POP CARDIO workouts? Which one is your favourite? Why?
  21. . Have you done any of her Workout Challenges? Which one is your favourite? why?
  22. . What is your favourite Pre workout food? why?
  23. . What is your favourite Post Workout food? Why?
  24. . Do you think Pilates will help you lose weight? Why or Why not?
  25. . Do you feel slightly stronger now that you’ve done Pilates for more than two weeks?
  26. . What other workouts do you do?
  27. . Share you typical meal in a day?
  28. . Will you share this challenge to our friends and family or to your blog/s?
  29. . DO you think Pilates can be addictive?
  30. . Post your new stats. An After photo. And show off your new abs and arms. (they’re still baby muscles but at least you started it. :P

So there you have it. :P a 30 Day Pilates Challenge QUESTIONS. Now I need to make sure I put in the what needs to be done in weekly dozes. So I have to think about that.

Mondays: Cardio + Abs

Tuesdays: Cardio + Abs + Legs

Wednesdays: Cardio + Abs + Arms

Thursdays: Cardio + Abs + Back

Fridays: Cardio + Abs

Saturday: Cardio + whichever target area you would like

Sunday: Cardio + Abs + Arms

I will leave this at this for now. But I will post this soon enough. So stay tuned for it okay? I need to make sure I get the right ones. And I am crediting all the conent here to Cassey Ho because I will be using her workouts for this.

Lara Krystle Novales
Thinspirational Journey | Fit, Healthy, & Beautiful


Our Love Hate Relationship With Dieting

Hey Everyone!

I was browsing on YouTube for some time wasting videos and I stumbled back on JennaMarbles’ channel. You guys may know her from
How to Trick People into Thinking You’re Good Looking But You’re Really Not.”

Well she had a video that pretty much hits us weight loss bloggers/thinspo bloggers/ ftiblrs right on the spot. Our LOVE/HATE relationship with dieting and food. So here is the video for you guys!

Tell me what you think about it? How accurate is it with your own dieting?

Lara Krystle Novales

Healthy Meal Time (Epic Meal Time Parody)

You guys should check out this video of EPIC HEALTHY MEAL TIME! Its awesome and I think its a great idea to cook all your meals for the week in one go and eat it for the whole week.

great way to stick to your diet. LoL! hahahaha