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Turkish runner Merve Aydin injured 001.gif

Truely Inspirational – Merve Aydin

Hey guys!

I’ve been seeing this in tumblr for sometime now and I can’t get enough of this and it deserves more than just a REBLOG.

Turkish runner Merve Aydin injured 001.gifTurkish runner Merve Aydin injured 002.gif
Turkish runner Merve Aydin injured 003.gifTurkish runner Merve Aydin injured 004.gif

This really shows the true spirit of the Olympic games. Turkish runner Merve Aydin injured herself during an 800m heat, but still carried on a whole lap visibly in excruciating pain before limping over the finish line and falling to the floor in tears to the cheers of 80,000 fans in the Olympic stadium. Respect

She was heavily set back because of her injury but she went on and finished the race even if she finished last. What was important is that she did not quit and persevered. So we really need to do as she did. Be determined and persevere even during our hard times. Merve Aydin is a truly inspirational person and we should keep her in mind during our own weight loss “race” and keep going even if it seems like its almost impossible. Finishing the journey is the main thing even if we finish last, or later than sooner. :P

see you all at the weight loss finish line!

Lara Krystle “lane” Novales




Food Flags (Small contest)

I saw this online before and saved it to my harddrive and I just wanted to share this with you all.

Okay here is a game for you guys. Whoever can name all the flags and their food representation will get a special fan sign and be featured on the blog roll (if not yet featured) and a special little something from me to you.

Food Flag 1

Food Flag 2

Food Flag 3

food flag 4

Food Flag 6

food flag 6

food flag 7

Food Flag 8

food Flag 9

food flag 10

food flag 11

Food Flag 12


Food By Color

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I’ve been hooked on food lately so the next few posts will be photos of beautiful food. I hope you will like them. Whoever took these photos and thought of the concepts are AMAZING! And I give full credits to them!

Food 01

Food 02

Food 03

food 04

Food 05

Beautiful Food

-UPDATED May 09, 2012 -

I have been trying to get myself to just say no to all the crappy junk food and when I stumbled into these beautiful photos of healthy food. I was so inspired so I am currently planning my gorceries and healthy meals. So I hope they inspire you too.

This is my dream fridge…. 0.0