Easy Holiday Fitness Challenge

Deck the halls with boughs of parsley
Falala la laaa lala la laaa!
Tis the season to stay healthy
falala la laaa lala la laaa.
Don we now our gym apparel
fa lala lalala la la laaa.
Roll your mat out and just work out
Fa lalala la laaa la laa la laaaaa!!

Lyrics tweaked by yours truly (on the spot).

Okay forgive the lame attempt of a Fit parody of  a classic Christmas Carol. I just had to.

The holiday season is here and that means there will be food, and cake, and turkey, chicken, all kinds of other roasts, sinful delights and with all these comes a massive weight gain that we will all soon regret and then pledge during new year that we will get rid of all the weight gain ans such. Well have no fear and new and simple challenge is here! Are you ready?


A series of workouts that you will just do for 1 minute each with a 15 second rest in between exercises repeated 3 times. This will take you only about 15 minutes to complete.

Why is it not intense? Well we all know that during this holiday season, everyone will be busy preparing and going to events, parties and functions so we have this excuse that we don’t have time. Our goal this season is to be able to counter our eating by moving and staying active even for a short duration of the day. A little body pick me up. It is better to do a short workout than none at all. This challenge will be able to cater to your time restrained schedule. Just 15 (or a little bit more) minutes for 5 days a week for this month will really help you burn even a little bit of all those Christmas cakes that you will be having, plus this will give you a head start on your new year’s resolution. Right?


Easy Holiday Fitness Workout CHallenge Monday by thinspirationaljourney

Easy Holiday Fitness Workout CHallenge tuesday by thinspirationaljourney

Easy Holiday Fitness Workout CHallenge wednesday by thinspirationaljourney

Easy Holiday Fitness Workout CHallenge Thursday by thinspirationaljourney

Easy Holiday Fitness Workout CHallenge Friday by thinspirationaljourney

Easy Holiday Fitness Workout CHallenge Weekends by thinspirationaljourney

Of course what kind of challenge would it be if there are no questions involved to keep other fitness bloggers occupied?  So here are you questions.

  1. When do you start preparing for the holiday season? (gift buying, party prep?)
  2. Which country are you from?
  3. Do you prefer a cold Christmas (like in the northern hemisphere) or a warm beach Christmas (like in the Southern Hemisphere) and Why?
  4. Biggest (health/fitness) challenge during the holiday season?
  5. Your ideal Christmas feast?
  6. Which part of the feast do you think you can substitute for something healthier?
  7. Prior to this challenge, do you ever workout during the holiday seasons?
  8. How are you finding the exercises in this challenge?
  9. Which one is the easiest among the exercises listed here?
  10. Which exercise do have a difficult time executing?
  11. What are the 10 ten tracks you listen to while working out?
  12. Who is your biggest inspiration?
  13. What is your workout must have? ( heart monitor? ipod?)
  14. What do you do to relax on a non-workout day?
  15. Yeay you’re half way there! Give your self a pat on the back!
  16. What is your fitness goal?
  17. What kind of diet are you in?
  18. Have you ever considered going vegetarian or vegan?
  19. What do you think about girls weight lifting?
  20. Have you ever weight lifted before?
  21. What are your takes on the current fitness trends online? (Fitspo, Thinspo, Healthspo..)
  22. Shoes or barefoot while doing these workouts?
  23. What did you have for breakfast?
  24. What is your favourite fruit and why?
  25. What was the best Christmas Present you Received?
  26. Did you believe in Santa Clause?
  27. How about the tooth fairy?
  28. Are you excited your practically finished with your challenge?
  29. How do you feel?
  30. Are you ready for the New Year Challenge?
  31. Write your New Year’s resolution here

Well there you have it! I’m sure if you persevered through this simple holiday fitness challenge you will not feel too bad about eating all that delicious Christmas feast because you balanced it out with some interval training. :)

Do you have suggestions for 2014 Workout Challenges? If so please leave a comment below. Who knows your idea might be included in the upcoming challenges!


Lara Krystle Novales

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3 thoughts on “Easy Holiday Fitness Challenge

    1. Lara Post author

      Heya George!

      Its a very easy challenge for those people who have very little time to commit 1 hour/day to workout. Just something to get them moving.

      Let me know what you think of the challenge okay?
      You are free to share it to your friends too. :P

      Do you have an Email address I can privately contact you at?

      mine is


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